Dear Bonny June & Bryce Aaron -

One of the fondest memories I have from when I was little is of sitting in the middle of my Mom's bed surrounded by shoeboxes full of old snapshots, digging through them and listening to her tell me family stories.  When Mom died in 1975 she gave me all the boxes of family photos and asked me to write what I could remember on the back of them because no one else in the family knew who most of them were.  You were still little ones at the time, but that Christmas I made photo albums for Dad and my brothers out of some of the pictures.  I still had boxes of pictures leftover that I planned to make into albums for the two of you and myself.

Last Christmas I went out and bought albums and a couple of weeks before Christmas I dragged out the boxes and my old albums from when you were babies.  I found that when I had moved a couple of years ago the pictures had gotten damp and a lot of them molded... It was too late to do anything at that point.

When this Christmas rolled around I thought that I might make each of you a webpage since I'm short on cash once again.  I've surfed the web looking for things that might interest the two of you -- unicorns, VW bugs, scuba divers, more dolphins... Nothing appealed to me.  And then I remembered the pictures - perfect!   Since we are all now into the computer age and hooked to the web, I decided that I would do what I could to preserve the family history for you this way.  So here, from me to you, is a cyber history of our family... there are a few gaps here and there and some years may be off due to some memory lapses.  I've managed to lose an album somewhere, but will hopefully find it one of these days and be able to fill in the gaps...  But as best I can, here is my gift to you both to save on CD as well as view here on the web (CD will be coming later in the mail to kids and Dad).

I love you both so very much - you've always been the sunshine in my life!   Mom

Paths on the journey down Family Lane

  Page  1 - For My Children - Christmas 1998
  Page  2 - The Willey Family - Kansas (My Mom's Family)
  Page  3 - The Bland Family - Virginia (My Dad's Family)
  Page  4 - 1947 - 1954 - Early Lolly - Key West
  Page  5 - 1954 - 1965 - Growing Up - Key West, Paris, Connecticut, Oklahoma
  Page  6 - 1968 - 1971 - Marriage & Babies - Kansas to New York
  Page  7 - 1971 - 1980 - California Years - Southern CA to the Bay Area
  Page  8 - 1980 - 1984 - Single Mom & Kids - Part I
  Page  9 - 1985 - 1987 - Single Mom & Kids - Part II
  Page 10 - 1987 - 1989 - Married Again - California to Tulsa
  Page 11 - 1990 - 1997 - Tulsa, Kansas and Both Kid's Weddings
  Page 12 - 1997 - Now - Kansas to Pennsylvania - A New Life

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