1990 - 1995  
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Tom and I lived in Tulsa for four years and I worked back in my old field of floral design once my California job was finished.  The Navy took Bryce Aaron off to Virginia Beach but he came to visit often.  He gave us more than a few scary moments as he was on the Eisenhower when Desert Storm broke out.  During the years we were in Tulsa, both kids were divorced from their spouses.  Tom and I didn't have much luck in Tulsa either, and when he was offered a job in Chanute, Kansas in January of 1993 we moved north.  We were only two hours away from Tulsa and still saw the family there for holidays and some weekends.


In May of 1995, Bryce Aaron married Shawnmarie Budde in Commerce, Georgia.  As my gift to them I did the flowers for the wedding.  A girlfriend and I drove east to deliver the flowers and have a vacation along the way.  We drove to Virginia Beach first to visit for a couple of days with Bryce, and then joined the rest of the family in Georgia for the wedding.  Tom flew in the day before the wedding and was Bryce's best man.  My son's second Mom, Gwen, flew out from California and she and I had a ball sneaking over to their hotel and decorating their car in the middle of the night.


Here's a couple current photos that Shawnmarie sent me for this photo album...

Tom and I did not fare so well personally, and shortly after Christmas 1996 I made the decision to leave.  I wish him well.  We shared a lot of good memories.


In October 1997 Bonny June became a bride again when she married Andrew Eby.  I wasn't able to attend their wedding, but will meet my new son-in-law in February 1999 when I travel to California.


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