1971 - 1980  
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When Bryce Aaron was four months old IBM moved us for the first time - all the way from coast to coast!  We started our California life in the fall of 1971 in South Gate, California, a suburb of Los Angeles where Gene was working.  A couple of years later we were transfered to the IBM plant at Westlake Village and we moved again, to Thousand Oaks - north and west of LA.  About a year after that we bought our very own first home and moved to Camarillo.  After about a year in Camarillo we were sent north to the Bay Area and spent the rest of our time bouncing around the San Jose area.  Most of these pictures are from South Gate - the album that spans from Camarillo through Morgan Hill is missing.  As soon as I find it I will fill in the blanks...


When we moved to Camarillo both kids finally started school and Mom had time to start a new hobby.  I found Sweet Adelines and spent the next seven years singing in choruses and quartets!

Bonny sent me the above three pix that she saved from Morgan Hill, CA.  We started this tradition of making intricate cookie castles in Camarillo, and always made one to eat and one to save until Christmas.  On Christmas Eve or Christmas day we would take the un-nibbled on one to the local hospital to the children's ward.  They even put a picture of it in the newspaper one year.  I wish the pix were clearer so you could see all the cookies and candies and ice cream cones.  This was quite a project.  It took two days to make one!

Some of the very few pictures I have from the couple of years we lived in Cupertino, California - 1978-80.  Aunt Connie married Uncle Hal and both Bonny and Bryce were in the wedding.  I made the flowers.


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