1985 - 1987  
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The next couple years were busy ones - lots of camping trips to Yosemite, Big Sur and other favorite spots.  A trip to Hawaii for me and Bonny.  Lots of overtime work on my part.  I divorced the second husband in late 1986.  Bonny left home to start her own life at 15, and Bryce and I got our own apartment for several months.   I worked hard those few years to build both a career and a crediting rating and ended up as International Export Administrator for a large Silicon Valley Company.  My first real introduction to computers came with that job and I helped set up their very first email program.  Bryce entered into his teens with a bang with the advent of getting a driver's license (and a few tickets in Mom's car).  Every car I had in those years was capable of moving down the street without being turned on, courtesy of the humungous speakers he installed in the back end!  Bryce and I lived for a time in the Blossom Hill, California area, first with a male roommate and then with a woman friend.

In July 1985 Bonny was a flautist with the Cupertino High School Band.  The band was invited to Hawaii to play in the annual 4th of July parade, and Mom and friend Jerry got to go along as chaperones.  Not so sure that the school made such a good choice picking me for a chaperone as these were still my partying years, but we sure had fun!  And so did the kids.  We all showed up for the obligatory 'bed check' at 11PM each night and then tried to avoid each other as kids and chaperones alike spent the rest of the evening out on the town! We did see a lot of sights, too - the rain forest, Pearl Harbor, a pineapple factory... and I found these wonderful topless sandles that just stuck to the bottom of your feet!  Would love to find some of them here on the continent but I've never seen them since.  I have them on in the picture by the grass hut, but you can't see them...


When we returned from Hawaii, Bryce Aaron was there waiting for us, having returned from New Jersey to move back in.  I don't have many pictures from the next couple years, but here are a few - and one of new bride, Grandma June, who remarried that year to a wonderful guy named Vern...



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