Hi Dad & Alice!

The family album contains about 180 pictures. If you put your mouse on the small pictures on each page you will go to a larger picture which has comments on it. At the bottom of each page you can click to link to the next page. If you are having trouble viewing any of the pages, you may want to make sure that your screen resolution is set to 800x600. Give us a call if you have any problems viewing! Enjoy!!!

Click your mouse here to go to the Family Album

I've also included my two major websites on this CD so you can see the work I'm doing -- all of the internal links will work to navigate around the pages. On the bottom of each of my pages is a graphical "Quilt Map" - you just click on the quit square to go to that page. The links on the individual pages that link to graphics or other sites on the web will not work of course and you will get an error message. When that happens, simply click on your "back" button on your browser and you'll go back to the page you were on. There is also music that plays on my webpages, so if you don't have a sound card or media player you may not be able to hear it and might get an error message.

Click here to go to visit my main website Laura's "lee"

Click here to go to Serenity Breeze - this is my fun site about beaches and travel with some recent pictures of my trip to Va Beach