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My First Holidays - 2005

Mommy & me

3 generations
Grandma, Mommy & me!

I can almost do it!

Pretty in pink

My first jeans

Grandma Laura made it


I kinda like this now...

All dressed up.

Made me laugh!!

Looks like Santa & Zoe
are taking a nap!

This laughing
thing is fun!

Thanksgiving at Grandma Susan's

Uncle Tom

Evan, Grandma Susan
& Mom's in the mirror!

Daddy fixed the
bouncy chair.

*MY* turkey?

Bottled turkey?
Pfffffft! No fair,
Grandma Laura

Grandma Susan,
bet I can yawn
bigger than you.
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6 - 8 Weeks Old

We BOTH need
this nap!

Baths are a
little bit better now.

This is my

I'm just keeping
the boppy warm...

Hey, I can smile!


Warm & safe


Sleep tight
Look, Ma! I found my tongue!



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5 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

Hey, Bro!

Everyone made a
square for my quilt
at the shower.

Now I see you!

I've almost got the
arms figured out!
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2 - 3 Weeks Old

My hero!

Those baths
wear me out

Mom's thumb's
as wide as
my face!

I hate baths!

I love Mom & Evan

Grandma Laura
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