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The Pass It On Award is reserved for sites which are in part dedicated to passing on the message of 12-step recovery programs.  It will be given only to those types of sites - whether they be AA, NA, GA, SA, Alanon, OA or any other 12-step program is not important, but they must be dedicated to directing others into the world of recovery and encouraging the practice of a 12-step program.  Our recovery programs ask us but one favor in return for the gift of our recovery, and that is that we Pass It On!  If your site does this, then you qualify for this award. Please feel free to take either the large or small version.

This award should be linked back to:

<> If you feel your site meets these qualifications, please leave a message in the guestbook or email me so I can come visit you!

Thank you for these wonderful recovery awards
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NewHoo Society/Women/Women_In_Recovery

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