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This section of the site is dedicated to people on journies to healing hearts hurting from abuse, whether current or past. In my own personal journey I work to heal the hurts of past verbal, sexual, physical and emotional abuse which contributed to leading me into a life of drug and alcohol addiction. My healing from those hurts, which began in early childhood and continued through abusive relationships in adulthood, is still an ongoing process. The most important players in my healing have been women - the women in AA and Alanon, and in the last few years the women I have met on the net in my email support groups and the Ladies of the Heart and Ladies of Serenity groups to which I belong. These women give me the one most important piece of knowledge to aid my healing. They let me know that I am not alone, that I am loved and worthy of love, and that I never have to settle for less than I deserve, and what I deserve is the best! If you are now, or ever have been in the past, a victim of ANY kind of abuse, please explore what is offered on these links. You don't have to remain a victim. There is hope. Know that you are not alone, that there is help available, that you can heal and be happy.

The beautiful angel and dolphin were found for me by my good friend, Kelly, who came across the picture in a cross stitch book; there was no copyright listed. If anyone knows the artist, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

May your journey of healing your hurting heart end in serenity and love... And thank you for helping me on my own journey. Love, Laura

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Some of the content of the links in these pages may contain explicit graphic commentary due to the nature of the stories being told. If you are viewing these pages with children please preview them first for content.

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